The Ladies

The absolute eye-catcher at your event!​

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Kim Eberle & Judith Gorgass

If you are looking for that special entertainment programme for your gala or corporate event, a presentation, private party or festival and you would like to increase your social media presence?

THE LADIES are bound to captivate attention and will be one of the most photographed attractions.

Dancing, elegant, burlesque or rather a little spooky, bold or wild – you will have never seen art on stilts this way: charming, risqué, classy. Beauty and grace at a height of 3 metres (9’8“).

With our 15-year experience as stilt artists and more than 1,000 appearances across the world we will add colour and spice to your event!

Our Looks


¡Viva el Dia de los Muertos! We are celebrating the day of the dead – colourful, flowery and fun-loving!


Ooh, là là!                                     Seductively entertaining –                          a feast for the senses!

Moulin Rouge

Voilà!                                                        Long live love, beauty and art!             Long live the night!


Judith Gorgass
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